Our desire for worship at Vanguard North is to facilitate encounters with the Living God that transform our broken lives into the likeness of His Son Jesus. When you come to one of our gatherings, you should expect a worship environment that exudes the joy of the Lord, the beauty of His Holiness, and the sweetness of His amazing love.  You’ll discover praise that makes you want to dance, shout, and clap, spontaneous, Holy Spirit-inspired  prophetic songs that unveil God’s glory, and moments when all you can do is fall face down in His glorious presence.  There is freedom at Vanguard North to worship God with abandon as well as freedom to worship Him in quietness of heart.

We desire to create a worship environment that also reflects the culture of the neighborhood in which we are located.  If you are interested in serving in the worship ministry at Vanguard North, please contact Tami Flick: tami@kzohop.org.

We invite you to come and join us.  Our God is worthy to be worshiped!